The Who's Who of City of Heroes

The Who's Who of The Rikti War

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This section covers the main characters this story centres around, but there are many, many more.

Tara Sinclair / Triblaze - Electric / ice blaster. Currently Level 51 Security Level thanks to the Tsoo tattooing on her wrists that allow her to combine both powers sets.  She is married to Jain Acheson, but they have been estranged since he unexplainedly joined White7.  Tara owns the meta bar The Haven on Talos Island, but after the 28th Ammendment was put into place, The Haven was forcibly shut down.  She has two children; Sophie with her ex-partner, Sayia DeLaurent and Tabby with Jain Acheson

Sayia DeLaurent / Herulus - Regeneration scrapper - Level 52. Leader of the Outlaw Stars ex-supergroup, co-owner of Sayia and Sinclair Law with Tara Sinclair's brother, Scott.  Sole owner of STARS scientific research company.

Jain Acheson / Frozen Phoenix - Energy / ice tank - Level 50. Ex meta marine and ex Outlaw Stars member. He has been one of the brainwashed seven meta members of White7 for over a year since going to prison for aggravated assault on a Skul member following a car crash involving his wife, Tara Sinclair. Jain was able to escape White7 thanks to a combination of psychic blocks put in place by Taylor Di La Conti into his mind and a White7 member, Nurse, who set him free from imprisonment after his deception was uncovered

Ria Da Silva - Head of White7. Celebrated author, therapist and political figure who spear headed the 28th Amendment.  Born Rihanna Silver, she was deemed a psychic too dangerous to be allowed to roam free as she could project her wishes into others and make them obey anything she asked of them.  As a teenager she was taken away to a special facility to learn to control her abilities.  She has since re-emerged as Ria Da Silva and the link has never been established between the two.  This is most likely down to Ria's extreme methods of influencing the thoughts of others.

Taylor Di La Conti - Sayia DeLaurent's stepson from a previous marriage. Meta marine and psychic controller.  He is the only known psychic who can come close to matching Ria Da Silva's abilities.  He was able to put psychic blocks in place in Nurse and Jain Acheson's minds to allow them to infiltrate White7 while still appearing to be under Ria's influence.

Gilliam - A.I. that controlled the Outlaw Stars base of operation. Second model of the Sephora program.  He is self-aware and was believed to be the most powerful artificial mind on the planet until WhiteAlpha's creation.

WhiteAlpha / Sephora - First model of the Sephora program created by Sayia DeLaurent under the STARS research program. Sephora was stolen by a meta known as Nurse and given to Ria Da Silva. Sephora was reprogrammed into WhiteAlpha; the A.I. that controlled White7's base of operations. WhiteAlpha made contact with Gilliam when her A.I. started to exponentially grow thanks to her original coding and as a result tripped White7 safety precaution that was in place to inhibit her from ever truly becoming self-aware.  As a result, her core programming become scrambled. What remained of her was taken to safety from White7's base for reconstruction by Sayia DeLaurent.

Nurse - A shape shifter, able to exactly mimic the appearance of anyone she has touched.  She has an ex-threat level of 45 and a current security level of 50.  She is a member of White7.  While she too has psychic blocks in place from Taylor Di La Conti, it is unclear if these are working. She freed Jain Acheson from captivity, but has since been seen as an active member of White7

Jemima Taylor / Sister Sever - Fire / Dark Corruptor - Threat Level 52 - presumed dead while in an alternative reality, Jemima Taylor assumed the identity of her alternate self to return to Paragon City and live free from her alter-ego, Sister Sever. Since the 28th Amendment, Jemima has reassumed her old life and now holds an alliance with sworn enemy Tara Sinclair in order to regain meta rights. Her reasons behind this are very unclear.

Pyrerain / Kai Rayne - Full Power Sets unknown, though presumed Fire / psychic controller - Threat Level 52. Kai Rayne is officially deceased.  His body was used to house the demon Pyrerain following a Circle of Thorns ritual 11 years before.  In recent months Tara Sinclair and Sister Sever infiltrated a Circle of Thorns Library of Souls where they found, not only the missing body of Kai Rayne, now the empty shell of Pyrerain, but also Kai Rayne's soul orb. Kai's soul was restored to his body, but he still retains the demonic induced powers of Pyrerain. While he has sworn allegiance to the Outlaw Stars, he is still a perceived threat as it is a possibility that the demon could regain control.

Lord Recluse - Arachnos Mastermind - Threat Level 52.  Arch nemesis of Statesman, the Freedom Phalanx and most of Paragon City.  He rules the Rogue Isles from Grandville.  Most recently he was incarcerated in the Zig until Sister Sever led an Outlaw Star sanctioned breakout

Ghost Widow - Dark Miasma Dominator - Threat Level 52.  Lord Arachnos' second in command.  She's a powerful psychic and the perfect fit for Lord Recluse's genius intellect and brute strength.  She commands his army of Widows to do his bidding.

Dark Pain Lord - Dark Melee Brute - Threat Level 50.  Dark Pain Lord is the raw strength of Sister Sever's operation.  At over eight feet tall, he's an imposing character who offers no mercy to his victims.  Despite his looks, he is fiercely loyal to Sister Sever and is never too far from her side.

486 - Fire / Dark Melee Brute - Threat Level 50.  Very little is known of 486.  He was the result of a hideous experiment that forged his will and body into a force of evil.  Whether that is due to Sister Sever's influences is also unknown.

Vera-Ellen - Dual Blades / Regeneration stalker - Threat Level 50.  Despite the appearance of a beautiful Southern belle, Vera-Ellen is rarely seen and when she is, it is a sign of imminent death.  She is one of the few super villains who has never been caught.  Along with Dark Pain Lord, she is very rarely far from Sister Sever's side and forms an integral part of the Evisceration.

Miss Directed - Psychic / Necromany Mastermind - Threat Level 50, with the potential to be far higher.  Miss Directed, or Miss D as Sister Sever refers to her is thought to be around 16 years old, though no one has really got close enough to verify it.  She is the victim of extreme abuse and her body bears the scars.  Miss Directed is believed to be responsible for over a hundred deaths, though none of them can be proved as she uses her psychic abilities to cause their demise.  Many rumours surround Miss Directed, including being able to raise the dead, being followed by the souls of her victims and being able to kill a person purely by making eye contact.


This section covers some of the supergroups and villain groups known to frequent Paragon City.

The Outlaw Stars - One of Paragon City's many supergroups.  They are known for maverick ways and a very large collateral damage bill.  Their most notable members are Herulus, Triblaze and Frozen Phoenix.

The Freedom Phalanx - Paragon City's most notable supergroup, led by Statesman.  For the purposes of this story, they are mostly conveniently forgotten, but you can see more here!

The Rikti - An alien invasion force from an alternative reality, hellbent on the destruction of Earth.  They have been repelled several times by Earth's heroes, but always find a way back.  To keep the Rikti at bay from Paragon City, War Walls are maintained that inhibit their ability to travel via inter-dimensional portals.  See more here

The Evisceration - A villain group who's goal is to create as much chaos as possible across Paragon City.  They are the sworn enemies of the Outlaw Stars.  Led by Sister Sever, notable members include Dark Pain Lord, Miss Directed and Vera-Ellen.

White7 - The only supergroup currently sanctioned to operate in the US.  It consists of 7 heroes, hand chosen by Ria Da Silva to create the perfect fighting cell.  They are controlled by powerful psychic influence by her, but this is unknown to all but a few members of the Outlaw Stars.

The Vanguard - Protectors of humans on Earth and known affiliates of Ria Da Silva.  They stand as the best placed group to protect humanity from further Rikti invasions.  See more here

Arachnos - Sworn enemies of the Freedom Phalanx, Arachnos are an technologically advance army led by Lord Arachnos.  They are considered Paragon City's most dangerous group.  Largley contained to the Rogue Isles, off Paragon City's shore; they normally turn up just when you think things can't get any worse.  Notable members include Lord Arachnos, Ghost Widow and Mako, among others.  See more here

The Circle of Thorns - A group of mages who practise demon magic and are know for kidnapping members of the public and using their bodies for demonic posession.  They retain their victim's souls in orbs kept in a labyrinth of caves beneath Paragon City.  Kai Rayne is their most notable victim in this story.  See more here

The Tsoo - An Asian street gang, smiliar to the Triad.  Their superpowers are fuelled by intricate magically imbued tattoes that cover their bodies.  See more here


This section covers events of significance leading up to this story.

28th Amendment - Amendment to the US constitution outlawing the use of meta powers, forcing all meta humans to be registered and under appropriate suppression, supervision or imprisonment and disbanding all meta supergroups with the exception of White7. Also sanctions the execution of any metas above Security or Threat level 40 who publicly use their powers if it's deemed appropriate.  Since then thousands of heroes and villains have been arrested and placed into captivity in the prison known as The Zig where they are held in power suppression solitary confinement cells.  The remaining meta humans have gone underground and now live hidden under the streets of Talos Island in the old tunnels used by the Tsoo for their Fight Club.

The Turning off of the War Walls - When White7 were successfully established as the only supergroup necessary for the protection of America, the War Walls protecting Paragon City from further Rikti Invasions were turned off as a symbol of a new era.


This section covers places of interest.

Paragon City - Also known as the City of Heroes.  Paragon City is the largest and most prosperous city in America.  It's situated on the coast and was founded on docklands port trade.  It is the city the first SuperHero emerged from, prior to World War II.  Since then, Heroes have headed to the city in droves, leaving it as having the largest concentration of meta humans in the world; earning it its City of Heroes title.  Paragon City is made up of many districts, some extremely wealthy and some less so.  Each district is separated by enormous energy barriers know as the War Walls.  These have been erected and maintained over the years thanks to ongoing attacks from the Rikti.  As well as being home to Heroes, Paragon City also houses many established gangs of super powered Villains.  It is not an uncommon site for citizens to witness fights between Heroes and Villains, so much so; that these incidents are considered to be part of daily life in Paragon City.

Talos Island - The primary location for City of Heroes: The Rikti War.  Talos Island is situated a short distances off the shore of Paragon City and is connected by a long bridge.  Talos Island has a number of warehouses, but is also a bustling metropolitan area of high rise buildings.  It is home to Tara Sinclair and her bar, the Haven.

The Tsoo Fight Club - An area of the sewers under Talos Island, previously occupied by the Tsoo and used to hold illegal fights. It was shut down following the Pyrerain incident.

Terra Volta - Paragon City's offshore power station.  Designed to be a source of continual power with little to no waste produced.  As such it is frequently targeted by villain groups wishing to take it for themselves.  it is currently guarded by the Vanguard.

The Zig - Paragon City's high security prison.  It is capable of housing both meta and non meta humans.  The meta human wing has a power suppression system and isolation cells, ensuring that once a criminal is housed there, they have no means of escape.  The meta human residents of the Zig were broken out by the Evisceration in an operation sanctioned by the Outlaw Stars, in order to maximise the number of people who could protect Paragon City.  This included the release of both convicted criminals, such as Lord Recluse, and those meta humans who were falsely imprisoned under the 28th Amendment.

The Rogue Isles - A stretch of islands off the shore of Paragon City, renowned for its criminal population.  Most notably it is home to Arachnos and its leader' Lord Recluse.  The islands are mostly cut off from the main land, with very little travel between the two.  This has left the 'normal' residents of the Rogue Isles bitter and unlikely to help anyone in Paragon City.