Sunday, 7 August 2016

Make Me Beautiful! 2 - Let's be Vampires

A little while ago I discovered an absolutely awful picture of myself on my phone.  I'm not sure why I took it as it was from last October and I've slept since then.  I'm even more unsure why I ended up keeping it.  I was completely makeup free, hair like I'd just woken up and no glasses.  Very bizarre.  But then I realised that also makes for the perfect canvas to work with.  So, I thought, what can I do with this?  I'd been watching Interview with the Vampire, so I thought why not test my skills.

Vampires are traditionally beautiful, so I would have to take that truly awful selfie and beautify it.  I've already investigated how to do basic upgrades to an otherwise normal picture, which if you haven't had a chance you can have a look at here, but this would definitely need more effort.  This isn't a self-deprecation post by the way, this is pointing out that it takes a fair amount of work to go from a makeup free, au naturel shot to something vampy.  It gives one faith that maybe we can all be on a magazine cover one day.

I've put together a before and after for the first set of steps.  The contrast really is quite large when you line them up.  I've also captured all the steps I took and further down you can see the more 'me' shot before I was 'turned'.

1. Smoothen skin texture
2. Basic face reshaping
3. Tone correction
4. Blemish removal including removing the nose stud
5. Nose shadow correction
6. Eye bag correction
7. Facial contouring to capture better shadows
8. Eyeliner placement
9. Eyelash adjustment
10. Eyebrow shaping and colouring
11. Iris recolour
12. Lip recolour
13. Hair recolour
14. Light filtering
15. Glow filtering
16. Precision nose bridge reshaping
17. Precision nose tip and nostril reshaping
18. Precision jowl reshaping
19. Precision chin reshaping
20. Addition of sparkly-eye-ness

So that's 20 steps that lead up to this.  It's vampy, but it's not vampire.  Kind of cool though, I think.  I could wake up to having this face on a daily basis.  Maybe if I ever get rich I can use it to take to a plastic surgeon.  I would like this exact nose please!

From then on, it's just a matter of taking everything a few steps further...

21. Reshape eyebrows to create an artificially high arch
22. Reshape the nose bridge further to make it thinner
23. Reshape the nose tip further to make it sharper
24. Reshape the jowls and chin to give the jaw an anime heart shape
25. Inflate the lips, particularly the top lip to give the illusion of hiding larger than normal teeth underneath
26. Photoshop in the tips of eye teeth to prove the point that I really am a vampire in my spare time

So what do you think?  Should I start avoiding garlic and crucifixes yet?

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