Monday, 1 August 2016

Drawing a Dream

Zombie in profile by Teh Tri

I've mentioned before that I get very regular and extremely vivid nightmares and that I actually don't mind them too much as they give me inspiration to write.  Well, a little while ago a particularly bad zombie-related dream left a very lingering image, which turned out to motivate me into draw something.  I'm still very much practising and figuring out my own style and as a result there are  often days when I super want to draw, but no matter what I do the things in my head come out on the page as if I've been drawing with the wrong hand.  I may be ambidextrous with nail varnish application, but I'm certainly not with a pencil.  

The nightmare had been playing on my mind.  Not in a haunting kind of way, but in the kind of way that meant I would have to use it or I'd just get annoyed at myself.  So I figured I'd take the image that was stuck there and take a stab at drawing it.  I decided perseverance would be the way forward.  That would be particularly important with this one as the main part to it was male and in profile.  My usual go to is female and three quarter facing the viewer.  After about 2 hours I came up with the result which you can see above.  I'm pretty pleased.  The eye is staring, as I'd hoped for, the profile is decent and has reasonable proportions.  I know the tear in the cheek isn't anatomically correct, but I don't mind that.  It's not bad at all for one sitting.  All in all, I'm pleased and it scratched the itch that the nightmare had left behind.

By the way, the original picture was actually different and you can see it below.  I ended up scrubbing out the female face as it just wasn't working for me but it is the closest to what was left in my mind when I woke up.   In writing this I've noticed that the female face is actually pretty familiar to my own profile if it was to be cartoonised.  I didn't realise that at the time.  Creepy.  I wonder if my mind was trying to tell me something. Hopefully not that I'm going to get eaten by zombies.

Incidentally, the female is called Catherine Banner.  She's a frequent visitor to my nightmares and I've written a fair amount about her.  I'm considering putting some of that up on here, but not sure yet.  I feel like she's part of an over-saturated market, so we'll see.

Catherine Banner meets a zombie by Teh Tri

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