Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Moonstone Firespitter Kickstarter Launch & Super Secret Reveal

Oh boy am I excited!  Would I normally be thrilled for the launch of Kickstarter crowd funding for a miniature wargaming model?  No.  But today I am really overjoyed for one. This one!  I'm even more excited than when I started writing this as the funding is going really well!

But let's take it back a step or five.  I've been linked to the wargaming scene for a long time courtesy of my husband, R, and his rather notorious man cave.  It's pretty much a treasure trove (clutter) of miniature models, tape measures, mini trees and houses and tiny pots of paint.  R's favourite talking subject is wargaming and miniatures, so I've also picked up a lot about it all by osmosis over the years.

While I'm not a pro-active player, I own minis and, for a highly unpractised person, I am a pretty competent painter.  But my closest link to the world of wargaming and miniatures is my involvement in helping to theory-craft a couple of upcoming projects that R and his chum T work on in virtually all of their free time.  By theory-craft of course I mean totally sticking my oar in and giving opinions whether they like them or not!

T leads on the creation of Moonstone.  See its gorgeous logo at the top?  That's Mooonstone.  Moonstone is a small team/skirmish based tabletop game in a grim fantasy style. It has goblins with over the top and generally exploding weaponry.  It has fast moving and trouble making Faeries.  It has Humans with amazing hats.  It's also a hell of a lot of fun.

Now to talk to you about the Firespitter model.  T has revealed himself (steady, steady...!) as having an amazing talent for concept art and has taken that concept art, refined it, worked with a digital sculpter named Tom Lishman to bring it to life, and has arranged for it to be resin cast by Hysterical Games.  That's right, the beauty above, Firespitter, is the product of all this hard work.  Today that product is coming to Kickstarter for people to grab for themselves, paint up, make gorgeous and use for their own mini gaming adventures.  Oh my gosh! Go look!

I am honestly so excited and impressed; dare I say it also proud.  Many many hours have gone into getting this model to where it is and I can't wait for other people to get their hands on it.  Even more so, I'm excited that if all goes to plan this won't be only time you see Moonstone.  It's a game after all.  A game I've played and vastly enjoyed (and won hehe).  If this Kickstarter goes well there will be no stopping T and R and I would love to be writing again about the launch of the full game.

Sooo... what are you waiting for?  Have a look for yourself, if you love it and you want to lend your support that would be an incredible thing.  You can also help by sharing this post, visiting Facebook and sharing the Kickstarter launch post, or talking about it to anyone you know who may want to get involved.  This is super important as there some pretty awesome stretch goals to unlock including the models stat card, sexy box art and one I'll leave as a reward/surprise for you visiting the page.

Oh, one last thing... I've been lucky enough to secure the reveal of a super secret piece of Moonstone concept art.  Take a look at this hunk of gorgeousness.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Shabaroon.

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