Monday, 1 February 2016

My Mid-Life Crisis

Ok, so mid-life crisis may be a slight exaggeration.  I suppose a pre-mid-life crisis perhaps?  Let me explain...

If I very literally Google my thought process from the last week with "psychiatry" beforehand, I get a rather interesting result.  You see, quite often, when I'm particularly stressed, I get the urge to change things about myself.  Usually, it's wanting to get my hair cut.  Kind of weird right?  Turns out, not so much.  The urge to cut ones hair, or rather the unexplainable drive to have it done, falls into the OCD / anxiety spectrum.  Anyone who knows me, probably knows I already have tendencies towards both of those anyway.

Over the last week or so I've been needing to have my hair cut.  Not "hmm, it's getting a bit long, I should have a trim" but an actual need.  I've also had the urge to have some more piercings.  Let me tell you, if you Google that one with "psychiatry", it pretty much tells you you need an actual psychiatrist.  The funny thing is, having a proper change; feeling like I'm different, always perks me up.  So, I thought screw it.  Let's do this.

Herein lies my pre-mid-life crisis.  I rock on up to Toni & Guy and let the hair dresser do what she likes.  She's a professional after all and I always look slightly odd anyway.  I come on out with crazier than usual looking hair and feel great.  Sod it, I think.  Let's go all the way.  Off I wander to the local tattoo parlour.  I emerge twenty minutes later with not one, but two new piercings. Woo!

Before you ask, no... they're nowhere weird.

I've added to my ear, where the helix piercing at the top has never quite been to my liking.  If you're interested, and like terrible iPhone close ups, here you go:

zomg #NoFilter can you tell?

The one at the bottom is the one that's been there for over ten years.  Bit of an odd place to have a solo piercing, so I've given it two friends.  Of course, my impulsiveness meant that I forgot that for nearly 2 months you can't really sleep on that side or submerge your head for any length of time in water to make sure it heals properly. D'oh.

I believe this probably proves my theory of a pre-mid-life crisis as I definitely didn't put any thought into having to spend two months leant over the bath washing my hair with a cup.  In case you're wondering, there's no shower in my house that'd fix that one.

But you know what?  I don't even care.  If I'm having a pre-mid-life crisis then I don't care either, because I love my hair and I love both of my new piercings.

Maybe I'll get more.  Maybe I'll get a tattoo.  Who knows what will happen.  Pre-mid-life crisis ho!!

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