Monday, 4 January 2016

Mask Fever!

I am still hunting for the perfect sheet mask for me.  It's a tricky one, as a variety of points have to be considered; fit, scent, moisture and effects.  As part of my hunt, I try any mask I can get my hands on, and in the lead up to Christmas I was pretty much trying out a mask every day.  Rather than go through each in depth, I thought I'd give a simple score on my findings so far.

My scale goes like this:
  • 1/5 - would actively steer people away from this mask
  • 2/5 - would not recommend
  • 3/5 - benchmark, or "meh"
  • 4/5 - pretty good, would be happy to wear again or recommend
  • 5/5 - I would spend money on or give as a gift

  • innisfree's it's real squeeze mask in lime - 4/5 - scent is delicious
  • The Face Shop's real nature mask in honey - 2/5 - so sickly sweet in fragrance that it was off putting
  • innisfree's it's real squeeze mask in strawberry - 4/5 omnomnom
  • 3W Clinic's fresh apple mask sheet - 3/5 - pretty standard mask, quite apple-y

  • A'Pieu's pure bamboo sheet mask - 2/5 - kind of dry and with a very odd scent
  • Etude House's pearl mask - 2/5 - Stings.  Ow :(
  • Tosowoong's pure blueberry mask - 3/5 - expected it to smell more of blueberry than it did
  • Y.E.T.'s don't worry mask sheet in bee my love - 3/5 - my benchmark mask with a hint of sweetness

  • My Beauty Diary's masks in let's go on with hands holding together, light me up!, just in time! and not shy anymore - 4/5 - Japanese masks rather than my usual Korean, these are lovely and would fit in well with anyone's beauty regime
  • Skin Village 9's super puppy whitening honey pack - while the mask is cute, it didn't fit at all and dripped everywhere
  • Skinfood's yoghurt facial mask - would have been 4/5 but the smell was a bit odd
  • Botanic Farm's green tea mask - just a bit naff really
  • Skin Village 9's panda honey elasticity mask pack - again, very cute, but very drippy
  • Esfolio's egg esence mask sheet - very pleasant and not egg-y

  • Skinfood's jeju tangerine beauty in a food mask - 4/5 - smells sooo good, but a little stingy
  • Y.E.T.'s don't worry mask sheet in hammer time - 4/5 - did indeed soothe
  • Oliveyoung x Dreamwork's I am the real Shrek mask - 5/5 - honestly, I feel ridiculous saying it.  But the Shrek mask was hands down the best mask I've tried in ages.  Hydrogel.  Soothing, Perfect fit.

Yes, that's right.  Out of all the masks, the Shrek one was the best.  I feel like this is some cruel metaphor, but even so I will be buying more.

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