Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Tri Awards 2015

If I set out to describe 2015, it would be anything but the best.  Worst would be a more accurate choice of word.  But, instead of bemoaning the year, I thought I'd shout about the flickers of brilliance along the way.  Not all of these were actually released this year, but I only encountered them this year, therefore that counts for me.  I present to you the Tri Awards 2015

Feel it peer into your soul

Beauty Product of the Year Nominees:
Tony Moly's Appletox Honey Cream, Shiseido's Pureness Blemish Targeting Gel, Leaders' Insolution Bio-Medi Curing Masks, Labelyoung's Shocking Pack Season 2

Comic Book of the Year Nominees:
Injustice Gods Among Us, Harley Quinn, Lobo, Grayson, Batman, Starfire

TV Show of the Year Nominees:
The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Mr Robot, Man in the High Castle, The Last Kingdom, American Horror Story

Film of the Year Nominees:
Mad Max: Fury Road

Game of the Year Nominees:
Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dying Light, Life is Strange, Batman: Arkham Origins

Achievement of the Year Nominees:
Keeping a blog active for a whole year, sharing my writing, sharing my artwork

Time for the winners!

Beauty Product of the Year

Shiseido's Pureness Blemish Targeting Gel

I dedicated a post to it.  Without a doubt, this is the best product I've found this year as it actually does what it claims to do.  I'm still trying out alternatives, but I have a feeling this is one product that will soon have a permanent place in my life.  If you have the skin of a teenager like me, I'd highly recommend it.

Comic Book of the Year


The comic book I look forward to most every month is Grayson.  Yes, it's partly because Mikel Janin's artwork is gorgeous and the creative team revel in Dick Grayson losing his shirt at least once an issue, but it's also one of the most enjoyable reads I've found in ages.  It has a tight storyline that never strays far from the mark, it ties neatly back into the wider DC universe and has characters that are far less clich├ęd than most comic book offerings.  It's as if a superhero and spy made a hawt spin off baby with a brilliant sense of humour.  I desperately hope it doesn't suddenly just stop like Nightwing did.

TV Show of the Year

Mr Robot

For a year where I've turned down J's offers of Netflix more times than I can count, I never thought my winner would be a TV show from a streaming platform.  This is definitely a late entry to the group, but Mr Robot has to be my winner.  I was enthralled from beginning to end and if Rami Malek doesn't win many awards for his portrayal of Elliot then he will have been utterly robbed.  I would like to think this show is accessible to everyone, but I don't know how much the hacking terminology would be off putting.  Now, normally, when I watch TV I have to be doing something else at the same time.  Usually it's messing about on my iPad or similar.  I'm a fidgety person and need to keep my hands busy.  Mr Robot is the only show this year, or perhaps ever, where I've found myself sitting utterly still and pretty much staring at the TV.  If you liked Fight Club or American Psycho, this is a show you should definitely put on the watch list.

Film of the Year

Mad Max: Fury Road

For me, nothing else even came vaguely close.  This film was just outstanding in every way.  I will actually be surprised if anything else can outdo it next year.  I thoroughly hope that Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad can at least come close though.  I also found it so pretty that I now have a piece of Mad Max artwork in my living room.

Game of the Year

Life is Strange

If I'd looked at this list without having played them, I would have said that Dragon Age: Inquisition would have easily been the winner.  I love Dragon Age and it should have been my game of the year.  Don't get me wrong, it was brilliant.  I enjoyed every moment and sunk over 120 hours of late nights into it.  Over the last few weeks I've been to-ing and fro-ing between Dying Light or Life is Strange, but after a lengthy conversation about it today, the winner couldn't have been anything else.  It is an utterly beautiful experience.  When people recommend films as something everyone has to see in their lifetime.  That is Life is Strange.  In fact, Life is Strange, for me, goes beyond that.  If offers an experience a film never could.  It draws you right into the storyline, it makes you love the characters to the point where you feel you have a new best friend in the form of Chloe Price.  I have never been so tearily happy or so genuinely heartbroken by a book, film, play or game.  I honestly think everyone should play Life is Strange.  I believe it is life changing.

Achievement of the Year

A bit of a cheating one.  It's all of them.  I've had a lot of compliments on my blog, for various different reasons, which has been pleasantly surprising.  It's not massively popular and I don't mind that.  That's not why I created it.  I created it to share what I used to get up to mostly in secret.  I'm very proud that not only have I stuck with it, but that I've been bold enough to put myself out there.  I've also learnt a lot from doing it, mostly how much I actually enjoy photo editing.  So expect more creative things next year an thanks for reading!

Steam will tell you, however, that this is my achievement of the year:

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