Monday, 7 December 2015

Geek - Ismahawk Minute Match-Ups

In a last minute *pun* turn of events, I'm going to dedicate today to the boys at Ismahawk and their brilliant new video.  It came out today and is their next round of Minute Match-Ups, where they pit DC against Marvel against each other in a full on brawl, until a victor is decided.

If you've got 2-3 minutes to spare and you like the idea of two comic book characters doing what they do best, then you'll love this.  It's made 100% by Ismahawk, who are the same guys that made the amazing Nightwing series and they deserve every bit of support to enable them to keep doing the great things they're doing.

This video is also endorsed by M, who has decided The Flash that The Flash is her favourite.

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