Thursday, 1 October 2015

Geek - Today I Fingerpainted a Miracle

For nearly ten years the character of Tara Sinclair, the female lead of my ongoing City of Heroes trash-fiction homage, has been in my head.  I know exactly what she looks like; the colour of her skin, the tones in her hair and eyes, her height, her proportions and the way she holds herself.  I know every emotion that comes from within her.  I know her so well, I don't have to think to write her.  She creates herself.  While I can commit her life to text, I have never been able to draw her face.  It was a sad thought really.  No one has really seen the face that's been in my mind for a decade.

Tonight, as I often do in the evenings, I did some fingerpainting on my iPad.  I do it a lot to relax.  I don't have a stylus, so it really is fingerpainting.  Often, the picture is rubbish or simply for my own entertainment.  But today, something started happening.  I started to realise the eyes I was drawing were incredibly familiar.  So were the shape of the nose, the mouth and the jawline.  Then, as soon as I drew the first sweep of hair, I knew who I was looking at.

I have tried to draw her more times than I can count, I've taught myself drawing techniques to help, I note how digital, manga and comic book artists form shapes and expressions in the hope that one day it would all fall into place.  I will never claim to be among artists of that caliber.  And in every picture I draw there are huge flaws in the line work.  But that's fine with me, because today, in under 5 minutes, I fingerpainted Tara Sinclair.

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