Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Lotions & Potions - Mask Maven, the Mask Subscription Bag

For a while now I have been enviously watching people on Instagram revealing their Mask Maven subscription bags and every time I've thought, "I want it. I want it. I want it." So, I took the plunge.  Mas Maven is similar to subscription 'surprise' boxes.  Only it's a bag.  And often for me it's not a surprise as I'll have seen it on Instagram.  But, it's focussed on the love of my life; face masks.  Yes.  There is a subscription service to help fuel my addiction to looking like Leatherface.

This month, the Mask Maven theme is Money & More.  Appropriate for my first one, as when I opened it today I was surprised just how much I got for my $15.  Bearing in mind a single mask is usually between $1.50 and $4.00, getting 11 for that price is pretty amazing.

The "Money" part was this gorgeous collection of masks packaged as currency from around the world from Baviphat.  Honestly, whoever designs the packaging at Baviphat really should get some sort of award.  I think they give Tony Moly a good run for their money.  My particular favourite is the one disguised as a €1,000,000 note.

The "More" part was a selection of masks I haven't seen before, which was fantastic as the whole reason I subscribed in the first place was to find lots of new thing.  But I was ultra thrilled to not only find eye patches in there, but a lip patch too.  I've been wanting to try a lip patch for ages, but they always seem a bit overpriced to buy on their own.  Apparently, it's rose flavoured.  I'm hoping it's rose in a good way and not like sucking on a petal.

I'm really pleased I gave this subscription service a go.  It'll certainly save me poking around eBay for people selling their extras.  Although I'm not going to kid myself, I'll probably still do that too.

If you're still wondering what I'm going on about, and what the fuss is over these masks, they say a picture paints a thousand words.  If you've seen this one before, I'm sorry.  But it really is true.

Of course, the intention is not to look like this.  It's to relax and quench your skin in loveliness.  I honestly can't recommend them enough.  I'm probably somewhat of a mask pusher.  In fact, it's not unknown for people to visit me and walk away with a selection of them; like a strange party bag.

If you haven't run away screaming in terror from that last picture, and I've peaked your interest, you can find Mask Maven here, along with its sister, the BB Bag.

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