Monday, 17 August 2015

Lotions & Potions - Aloe, Aloe, Aloe. What's Going on Here Then?

Aloe vera is probably one of the best known natural ingredients for beauty products, probably thanks to the fact that it can be used with no refinement whatsoever.  If you have an aloe plant, you can snap a bit off, apply the sap and receive instant benefits.  For that reason, aloe vera pops up very commonly in anything that treats mild burns or for soothing minor skin irritations.  Despite how common it is in people's lives, I was still surprised to see just how incredibly prevalent it is in Asian skincare routines; so much so that there's pretty much a version of an aloe product (or more) in every range.  

As part of a skincare routine it's used as a soother following exfoliation; great to prevent the potential redness that can occur if your skin is feeling sensitive.  It's also used for regular skin maintenance, for example after shaving legs or underarms as a preventive layer before applying a moisturiser.  I think we're all familiar with the sting of a body lotion on freshly smoothed legs.  A layer of aloe vera beforehand sorts that right out.

I've come across a number of aloe vera products (including their close, cucumber and bamboo related variants) through general exploration.  They're amazingly cheap and come in large / long lasting bottles.  Here are some of my favourites; starting with one which I bought pretty much due to the unintentional hilarity of the packaging, but turned out to be very good!

Photo credit Tony Moly
Tony Moly's Cucumber Water Soothing Gel

Photo credit Holika Holika
Holika Holika's 99% Aloe Soothing Gel

Photo credit Benton
Benton's Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel

Photo credit Tony Moly
Tony Moly's Pure Eco Bamboo Cool Water Soothing Gel

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