Thursday, 20 August 2015

Geek - I'm a Nephilim!

What's a Nephilim?

It depends on who you talk to.  Based on Christian and Jewish texts it can mean any of the following:
  • A member of a race of Giants who were wiped out by Noah's flood
  • A fallen angel residing on Earth
  • A fallen angel residing in Hell, or demon as we tend to call them
  • A member of a race of violent humans who are the descended from the sons of Seth and the daughters of Cain
  • The children of mighty heroes and mortal women; think descendants of Hercules or Achilles
  • Or the less exciting : A dead Philistine warrior
All the makings of some brilliant pop culture.  Pop culture therefore has come up with some similar versions:
  • The children of angels and humans
  • The children of demons and humans
  • The children of angels and demons
Either way, the idea is if you meet a Nephilim, they will look like a human, but basically be super-powered in some way.  Strength, flight and even the ability to move between different realms or realities are all common traits.

Why do I think I'm a Nephilim?

Well, it occurred to me while I was flying to work this morning.  As I landed and tucked away my beautiful, feathery wings, I wandered into work and set fire to my coffee cup just by holding it.  Wow.  That was damn inconvenient, I thought.  Why on earth does that always happen to me?  Maybe I should start using a thermos.  And how come no one else flies to work?  It's way easier than walking.  Come to think of it, no one else even seems to have wings either.  Weird.  After looking at a few other people entering the building, I started to think maybe I am, in fact, the odd one out here.

So, I entered Purgatory and made my way up to the 3rd floor of the building I work in; it's way more convenient doing that than taking the lift, though the people you meet on the way can be a little dull.  I sat down at my desk, popped my cloven hooves into my work shoes and started to edit a spreadsheet. When it got to lunch time, I thought I'd do some research.  Surely the internet must know why I can lift cars, talk to angels and spend my free time trying to beat demons at poker.  

Of course, the internet had the answer.  Why hadn't I realised this before?  I should have realised that my rhesus negative blood proved I was more than mere mortal.  No wonder I had to have special injections before I gave birth my daughter.  The government would never want more people like me to be born.  We're too gifted, too incredible, too dangerous.

Plus, it totally explains why I hate the heat and bright sunlight. 

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