Monday, 6 July 2015

Lotions & Potions - CutiePieMarzia's June Box of Delights

There's only a couple of things that exist in the realms of "shut up and take my money" at the moment.  One is the game Dying Light, which I'll be squeeing about in a Geek post I'm sure.  The other is pretty much anything CutiePieMarzia does. CutiePieMarzia is one of my favourite YouTubers.  She loves Korean cosmetics and horror.  She's dating a gamer.  Sound familiar?  Unfortunately, she's so likeable that I end up pretty much buying anything she has a hand in creating.  I'm not dumb; if I didn't like it, I wouldn't buy it.  Buy so far, I've managed to like everything she's created.  For my birthday, for example, I bought myself her Book of Knowing journal which is now my notebook at work.  And more recently, I subscribed to her hand curated box.  Normally, I wouldn't buy into a subscription box without knowing about the previous boxes' contents, but because she'd introduced me to Memebox and my favourite Korean cosmetic site, W2beauty, I trusted that she'd curate a box I'd love.

Look at all the Marzi-stickers!

You can see everything about the box in this video, but I'm going to mini-review the combination of items I received.  Everything came in a cheerful white box, covered in cute shell, coral and starfish designs.  I loved that it really felt like something she'd thought about.  The contents were thoughtfully wrapped in blue tissue paper and sealed with a little Marzia sticker.  In fact, everything in the box was sealed with a little Marzia sticker.  The amount of stickers amused me to the point where I actually imagined the person whose job it was sticking all of them onto the products into thousands of boxes.  That would have been dedication!  I also quite fancy a roll of them!

I have to admit, at first I was a little let down by the contents.  I'm used to subscription boxes having a little more in them.  But this one was free, and after watching the video I realised the team had been let down by a supplier so the boxes were short an item.  I understand that happens and it was good to know that the intention had been for the box to be fuller.  The first thing I saw was also a DIY coral bookmark, which you can see top left of the picture.  It came with sweet little instructions, but honestly I felt a little "ugh, I have to make my own?".  Her video fixed that however, as watching her do hers, I realised how pretty it was when it was done.  I've now made mine and I have to say, it was a nice touch and it will be coming to work with me to go into my Book of Knowing.  I've also remembered that I am seriously crap at cutting out.

The rest of the box was a silvery necklace shaped like coral, a soap shaped like a starfish and two nail varnishes.  I can understand why some people were a little cynical.  But actually, everything has clearly had thought and effort put in.  The necklace is very pretty, it's a good length and, more importantly, weighty.  Normally, subscription boxes like this throw in very light, cheap jewellery, so that was a pleasant surprise.  The soap is beautifully crafted.  So much so actually, that I'm not sure I can bring myself to use it.  That and soaps tend to make my hands turn bright red...  The nail varnishes are the clear winners for me.  They came in white and a matte top coat.  Normally, I'm not one for white nail varnish as it kind of looks like you've been attacked with tip-ex, but actually this white looked very good on, especially with the matte top coat.  I was also won over by the fact that the bottles were Marzia branded actually on the glass, rather than with yet more stickers.  I was so impressed, I'm now hopeful that nail varnishes will be a permanent feature of these boxes, or that Marzia releases a collection.  They're fast drying, the white was thick, but not too thick and they evenly distributed themselves across the nail.  I'd definitely pay for them.

I think what really made my day though, was winning a Marziprize.  (Don't judge me!).  I wasn't the lucky winner who got an Apple Watch, but I was one of 100 who got a special something extra.  It was totally a marketing ploy, as it was a voucher for her clothing collection, but I don't mind that.  I'd been looking at that collection and musing over whether I should indulge and now I can and not feel so bad about it!  What I liked most was that it was a surprise and didn't know in advance that it may be in there.

Overall, I'm happy I bought into this box.  It really feels like it's had a lot of love put into it, so I'm excited to see the upcoming themes; one is vintage and one is night sky.  This has to be one of the better subscription boxes around at the moment, in my opinion.  Plus, I really like Marzia, and I want her to do well in all her endeavours, so if I can help that along, I'm more than happy to.  Yes, I'll even be buying her book when it comes out in English.

Incidentally, if you fancy having a look-see you can find all the information about her July box here.  And, of course, if you know of a subscription box you think I'd love, let me know, as I'm always on the look out!

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