Monday, 15 June 2015

Lotions & Potions - Walking Thoughts or My Mind Muddles

I walk pretty much everywhere, partly because I have to, but mostly because I like to.  It creates good head space.  I've recently added an extra walk to my days to help with the Biggest Loser: Outlaw Stars.  Usually when I walk to or from work, I think about boring things like to do lists, the work I have to do the next day, what I was supposed to do for nursery but have most likely forgotten about, what I'll be cooking that night for dinner.  Mundane things like that.  My two extra walks today, were rather different.  Behold! The things that entered my head as I went walking today.  Or, what I like to call; my mind muddles.

On my walk around the business park where I work, at lunchtime:

Wow, the builders have dug so deep into the road that their heads are below ground level when they stand in that hole.
Why is the sign for the Disney building way after you've walked past the Disney building?
I'm not sure I'd want to work in a office where the walls are floor to ceiling glass, everyone would be able to see what you store under your desk.
Does anyone actually ever catch that bus into the business park?
Ooh, ice cream van.
Why are these 3 men walking so slow?
Did they plan to wear matching shirts?
I wonder if that solar panel would be nice and warm to lie on?
The soup better not be crappy today.

On my walk around where I live, after M has gone to bed:

Those people are walking very close together for people who don't seem to know one another.
Adverts advertising Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! seem dodgy, does anyone ever ring the number on them?
Why is this man weaving across the pavement?
That runner looks bored.
The people who've got off the train are still walking in single file, even though they're nowhere near the station and don't need to.
The town I live in really is a collection of odd smells joined together by different roads.
Why is that cyclist staring over there?  There's nothing there.
Oops, it's that runner again.  Is this awkward seeing him again as we're obviously both doing the same route, just different ways round with me clearly being much slower than him? 
I know nearly all the words to ROTTENGRAFFTY's album Walk, but I have no idea what any of them mean.
Whoever said exercise makes you feel better was lying, I just feel more tired and annoyed than I did when I left the house.
That hedge has grown a lot.
I had flowers like that in my garden when I was growing up.
It's really too warm to wear a jumper that thick.
I need to buy a new pair of walking shoes.
Damn it! I forgot to go to the Post Office.
I should really put the washing away, but I'm not going to.
Mmm, pasta for dinner.

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