Monday, 1 June 2015

Lotions & Potions - My Japanese Mini-Haul

Hauls make me happy.  A haul is, generally speaking, a big old collection of stuff you buy all at once or gets delivered to you all at once.  I love hauls, because it's a bit like Christmas.  Also, as I tend to buy from vendors half way across the world, my hauls tend to arrive 2 weeks or more after I spent the money, so they really do feel like a surprise.

Another thing that makes me happy is Japan.  Japan is my country of choice and I find everything about it fascinating.  One of my bucket list items is to have actually gone there and experienced the culture first hand, but of course, there are many other places my money has to go before I consider the cost of a decent length holiday there!  

As you've probably noticed by now, the Lotions & Potions aspect of this blog is largely focussed on Korean shinies.  Weird right?  Surely it should be Japanese shinies, if that's my country of choice?  Well, for all its exports, it seems that cosmetics are not something that flows out of Japan into the rest of the world quite as easily.  There is Shiseido.  But that brand is Western focussed (also super expensive).  What I've been really interested in finding are cosmetics and skincare that aren't so readily available over here and believe me when I say, it's been a labour of love.

I stumbled across AlphaBeautyUK by chance.  You can check out the eBay store here.  This was exactly what I was looking for; a supply of goodies that was anything and everything, meaning I could really explore.  For my first delve, I decided to just buy some random things, all under £5, just to have a nose.  I chose to buy bits that aren't readily available in Korean, British or American equivalent stores just to see what, if any, are the differences.  I then pretty much forgot about it, so when my mini-haul arrived, I got way too excited.  Want to see what weird and wonderful things I chose? 

A multipack of different types of cotton wool, designed to be used for different tasks.  In truth, I've never really thought of cotton wool needing to be that different for different tasks.  Removing make up? Put makeup remover on cotton wool and wipe face.  Removing nail varnish?  Put nail varnish remover on cotton wool and wipe nails.  It turns out, for optimal removal of stuffs, your cotton wool can be specially mixed, shaped and woven.  It can then be packed, packed with other types of cotton wool and then packed again.  I have to be honest.  It's the first time I've needed instructions to use cotton wool.

Sprayable hyaluronic acid.  Anything sprayable with acid in it's name sounds very bad, especially when it's for spraying on your face, where your eyes are.  But here it is.  Anti-wrinkle magic you can spray on your face.  It's actually quite pleasant.  Though I'm still suspicious of it!

Ok, blotting paper is not distinctly Japanese, but blotting paper with kawaii characters and a free kawaii pouch for all my other kawaii things is! <KAWAII>

Self warming pore cleanser.  This one is the least Japanese of the haul, but the cute and also excessive packaging made it hard to resist.  Plus I'm intrigued to see if it actually does get hot as all the ones I've tried before just get sort of weakly warm.  The strawberry is super cut though!

So that's my Japanese mini-haul.  It's slowly but surely weaving its way into my beauty routine.  I'm very pleased with what I've found so far and even more pleased I managed to resist the Shaun the Sheep lip exfoliating cream.  That's right, Shawn the Sheep lip exfoliating cream.  Presumably not made with real Shaun the Sheep...  Though, I suppose you never know!

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