Monday, 29 June 2015

Lotions & Potions - Chop It Off!

Sometimes, in order to remain sane, a change has to happen.  I won't lie, I've been feeling rather miserable recently thanks to my epilepsy brain playing tricks on me.  The problem with feeling miserable is it tends to spill outwards.  Miserable can quickly turn into something far worse, if not managed.  Especially for me.  Luckily I had a sure fire way of cheering myself up.  It's not for everyone, but oddly it works very well for me.  

If I'm feeling grumpy in any way, things I usually enjoy doing tend to become a chore, just because, you know, effort.  I could be eating ice cream or wearing a onesie.  Why would I want to do anything else unless I need to?  Generally, to pull me out of a funk, I have to do something reasonably drastic to counteract it and luckily, this time around I had a "reasonably drastic" available to me.

If you've been reading my Lotions & Potions posts, you'll know I've been focussing on perfecting my skincare regime and the Biggest Loser: Outlaw Stars.  Both of these have had mixed successes, but are generally speaking positive.  I realised a little while ago, as the grumps set in, that while focussing on other things I had neglected my hair.  It had literally become an extra weight on my shoulders, one that had become a daily annoyance of tying up, pinning, adjusting, re-pinning and sticking bows on.  It was long, there was a crazy amount of it and it seemed to turn into knots purely by existing.  I knew the time had come and one grumpy Thursday, I put in the call to sort it out.

"Chop it off please" I told the slightly bewildered hair stylist.  She asked me a good five or six times if I really wanted to, as it was long, still in good condition and taking it up to my jaw line would be a drastic change.  I assured her I'd worn it like that before and loved it.  I didn't tell her that it was also necessary to make myself feel better in some kind of a weird grump-purging kind of way.  

One head massage, many snips and a chat about Jurassic World later and I felt so much better.  It was like seeing normal me in the mirror again.  I think even the hair stylist was impressed at the change, which I took as a compliment.  I swished my way out, feeling pretty great and determined to stay that way.  It really is amazing how much good a physical change can be for the soul.

Of course, the world gifted me with torrential rain as soon as I walked out of the salon, but that's just an excuse to go on a side mission to Starbucks for a cookie frappuccino!  In case you're curious; here I am, all chopped off with the weight off my shoulders.

No make-up, and suffering from Dave's Syndrome

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