Monday, 8 June 2015

Lotions & Potions - The Biggest Loser Week 2 Curse is a Real Thing

A couple of months ago, I talked about trying to get into a very lovely dress.  Let's be honest, I failed miserably.  I am really shocking at anything vaguely to do with weight loss unless I have a support network.  I've given up a number of really annoying habits in my life, but comfort eating really is the one I suck at ditching.  Because, you know, Quavers.  So to defeat the urge to eat Quavers, I really do need that network of people sharing my pain.  I'm not into weight loss groups, for some reason they just doesn't appeal to me at all, so what I need as my support network is something much closer to home.  For reasons I'll go into in this week's Geek post, R has decided to embark on a health kick.  Perfect.  A support network right in my house!  I extended the network to include my ever suffering friend, J, who gets dragged into pretty much anything I do, and together we created The Biggest Loser: Outlaw Stars.

The goal is to keep our motivation up to actually shift some weight between us.  Well, I'm happy to report that so far so good.  I won't report their weight loss, but I've shifted 4.4% of my weight.  I have been the weekly Biggest Loser of the group.  Then, last week, after working just as hard I successfully lost no weight.  Not a single pound...  Yes, I had discovered that the curse of week 2 in the Biggest Loser really is a thing.

If you're not familiar, week 2 is a regular occurring horror in the Biggest Loser where people who've shifted a ton of weight in week 1 suddenly don't lose anything at all.  Sometimes they even put on weight.  Pretty nasty for a person when they've had Bob or Jillian chasing them around all week.

I certainly felt that downer.  It opens up the inner child that says; well what's the point of making an effort, to get nothing out of it?  I'd imagine, if I didn't have a couple of the other Outlaws doing this with me, I'd probably just give up.  But I'm determined not to.  I don't want to be the person who gets eliminated in week 3 after losing their spirit after week 2.  So today, on top of what I'm doing anyway, I added in an extra walk in the hope that I'll get out of my week 2 funk.  That brings today's step total to around 13,500 which is roughly 5.5 miles.  Not bad for a Monday, I'd say.  Now I'm just hoping that the extra effort is going to pay off or me and my stubborn body are going to have some serious words...

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