Monday, 25 May 2015

Lotions & Potions - Review - Shiseido Pureness Blemish Targeting Gel

The holy grail of the beauty industry would be a blemish treatment that actually works.  One of my life goals is to find said treatment and buy shares in it.  Recently I was browsing around, as I often do when I'm bored, and I wandered into the Shiseido section.  Generally speaking, Shiseido is a brand I can't really afford.  They're at the higher end of the lotions and potions spectrum, hopefully for a good reason.  A free gift (which turned out to be crappy) enticed me further and then I spotted this; Shiseido Pureness Blemish Targeting Gel.

Targeted treatments have a pretty good reputation.  But honestly, I wanted any excuse to try a bit of Shiseido.  Shiseido is a brand from Tokyo circa 1872 and is all about purity, natural-ness and cutting edge biochemistry.  An interesting mix.  So finding this seemed like my perfect excuse to test out Shiseido's claims.  You can read its write up here, but here are my thoughts.

The gel is clear and fresh smelling, but not medicated, which is great.  Shiseido uses peony root and saxifraga extract to do the work at purifying pores and controlling oil production; crucial if you regularly wear any kind of base make-up.  It smooths on really easily, with a little going a long way.  I think that's really important here as you're paying around £20 for 15ml.  It's designed to be smoothed over clean skin, only on areas that need it.  You can wear it under make-up and it can be reapplied throughout the day as needed.  Pretty simple. Pretty damn good too.  After the first few uses, I could really feel the difference, but more importantly I could see how quickly blemishes were going away.  But the thing that really amazed me, was that I also seemed to be getting fewer in the first place.  Awesome.  The only real downside to me is the price.  But honestly, if something works and it still falls into a semi-decent price bracket, that's ok with with me.


  • You can feel it work.  As soon as it goes onto an affected area you get the familiar sting of a product that's doing something.
  • It doesn't dry your skin.  It sits more like a serum than anything else.
  • For 15ml it lasts a really long time.  I've had this a few weeks now, using twice a day and I don't think the bottle is even close to half empty.
  • It works!  Yes, that's right, the stuff works.  It soothes and clears fast. Overnight, anything unsightly has shrunk and is noticeably less red.  I was really cynical, but hats off to Shiseido, this stuff is really decent. It really seems to control day to day annoyances.


  • £20.  15ml. Ouch.  
  • Even though the bottle has a tiny tip that implies you can apply straight to the skin, that really doesn't work.  You just end up squirting too much on yourself.
  • Doesn't combat hormonal skin, but let's face it, nothing does >_<

Overall Thoughts

I would recommend this gel to anyone who needs a fast acting treatment and doesn't mind the slight stinging sensation of that kind of product.  I'm not sure I'd recommend to someone with super sensitive skin, as it does feel pretty strong, but if you were apt at getting it where it needs to go, that may be ok.  I can honestly say, I was really surprised and happily so.  I'm a massive cynic towards anything that says it can make a fast difference, but I was pleasantly proved wrong.  I think this gel is a great contender for becoming part of my "must haves".

I would give this 4 Peony Roots out of 5.

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