Monday, 18 May 2015

Lotions & Potions - The Man Challenge

Poor R.  He lives in the strange world that is my obsession with bottles, pots, packets, creams, serums, toners, cleansers, masks...  It's as odd to him as his obsession with tabletop gaming is to me.  Recently, R asked the question of "What's it all about anyway?  Do you think it'd help me?"  "Well, well!" I said, "That sounds like an opportunity to me!"

The man-market for cosmetics has sky rocketed over here.  Men are much more readily picking up skincare and cosmetics, happy in the fact that it's not seen as being weird anymore.  The Eastern market was ahead of the curve on that one.  Men have been buying into similar skincare and beauty regimes as women, while we were still calling it "metrosexual" when a guy used a moisturiser.  Years before Gerard Butler and Hugh Laurie were advertising creams, Korea and Japan, in particular, were flooded with male models and idols (typically young men in boy bands) being the faces of male counterpart products for all the major skincare brands.  So much so, that most brands' male specific lines are as numerous as their female specific lines.  With that in mind, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be fun to set R on a similar beautification quest to my own.  Only with me doing the leg work of sourcing the products, of course.  That is the fun part after all.  Yay shopping!  R has bravely agreed.  Therefore he will be my guinea pig for what I'm calling "The Man Challenge"

The Man Challenge is to follow a Korean male skincare regime and see if it actually does the job for him.  I've found him a cleanser, toner and moisturiser that should be up to the job and R will be reporting  how it goes.  Here's what he'll be subjecting himself to (No sniggering at the name of the cleanser!):

From Left to Right: A.H.C. - Climax Foam Cleanser, Label Young - Shocking Homme Whitening Toner, Label Young - Shocking Homme Anti-Wrinkle Lotion

  • A.H.C.'s Climax Foam Cleanser to start off.  Formulated with coconut oil and soda water for a lovely foaming effect on use.  It's designed to be a gentle cleanser with blemish treating properties
  • Label Young's Shocking Homme Whitening Toner comes next.  This is designed to open the skin for moisture while also treating areas of hyper-pigmentation or scarring to return them to a more natural colour.  Whitening, in this sense, is not a skin bleaching product.
  • Label Young'd Shocking Homme All in One Anti-Wrinkle Lotion comes last.  This is a shot of moisture, with added anti wrinkle.
Why these products?  Foaming cleansers are just great, they make you feel super clean and they're fun at the same time.  You get a zingy feeling as the foam activates on your skin.  I chose the Label Young products to round it off, as that is my favourite brand overall.  Their products condense steps of a beauty regime down for simplicity.  For example, their toners are often all in one toners and essences for 1 step, rather than 2.  For the Man Challenge, I figured simplicity may be very helpful. But most importantly, Label Young products actually work.

And what does R have to say about all this? 

"As someone who's skincare regime usually extends as far as 'hot water', the idea of trying to adopt this seems alien and strange.  My most daunting thought is how to find he extra time to do it and remembering to do it."

He'll find a way, I'm sure.  I can't wait to see how he does.  Stay posted to find out!

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