Monday, 11 May 2015

Lotions & Potions - A Confidence Boost, Made Easy

Today was the first real day of my new job. Today I knew I'd be going in to sit with a new group of people amongst a sea of other faces I didn't know.  I'm a natural introvert, so that sort of thing is practically nightmarish.  I was kind of dreading it  Luckily, I had a plan on how to start off on a good footing and it's all about a mini spoil session first thing in the morning.

Starting the Right Way

I'm not talking about eating your low fat muesli here.  I'm talking about taking some time for yourself in the morning.  Normally, we all get up, rush about getting ready doing the same old routine and we're at work before we even know it.  In the Confidence Boost, Made Easy start, that's twisted on its head.

What's your favourite thing in your beauty regime that helps you relax?  Is it a face mask? Eye mask? Foot mask? How about painting your nails or a deep moisturise of your hands.  Whatever it is, can it be done in 5 minutes?  If the answer is yes, starting the right way is easy.  The first thing you do in the morning is that one thing.  If the answer is no, what's the compact version?  How can you indulge in micro-time?

A 5 Minute Wonder

May I make a recommendation if your answer was no.  My favourite thing in the world is a facial scrub and deep moisturise.  In the normal world, this takes about half an hour, involving an exfoliating mask scrub followed by an essence mask for moisture.  But here, I present my 5 minute solution that offers a mini facial.  I've mentioned this product before.  It's simply one of my favourites and this is why:

Complete with morning sunshine

Skinfactory's 7 Seconds Morning Sheet has one side with tiny microbeads to wake your skin up and another side for patting in the gorgeous moisture essence cream the pad is soaked in.  It's similar in use to a cleansing pad; you use the bobbly side for circular massaging motions and then turn it around and pat the rest of the essence cream into your skin.  In super quick time you've buffed sleepy skin, encouraged blood flow and treated your face to a pre-make-up moisturise.  Each pad is also cold and that's lovely first thing in the morning.  You just feel more fresh and lively.  Now, the pot says 7 seconds, but honestly, I'd use it for longer, that way you really feel woken up and vibrant.

Looking Pretty, But Not Too Pretty

Have you noticed, when you're trying to create a first impression look in limited time, it has a bad habit of going wrong?  That could be mascara ending up on your cheeks or ruining perfectly applied eyeshadow, eyeliner smearing on one eye or foundation ending up over your new outfit.  For me, this is normally because I'm trying to do too much in not enough time.  So what do you actually need to wear to feel like a brilliant you?

For me, it's good looking skin, fluttery eyelashes and a perfect pout.  In the Confidence Boost Made Easy start it's all about taking the time to do just those things perfectly, that way you're not rushing and ending up smearing make-up everywhere.  So, this morning I took the time to do this:

Smiley make-up helps, promise

  • Properly apply my bareMinerals Complexion Rescue, in the right quantity, with a clean brush
  • Apply just enough Maybelline Scandaleyes mascara to highlight my eyes without looking as if I've drowned them
  • Douse my lips in TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss
  • Finish it all off with It's Skin's Babyface Pore powder to just the places that go shiny

The Result?

I. Felt. Great.  Nervous still, but I knew I wasn't going to worry about looking like I'd made no effort, or worse, too much effort.  Here I am, in natural light.  It took less than 15 minutes, I still had time to race around after M and best of all I felt like I'd taken the time I needed to give myself the confidence boost to start how I mean to go on.

Curse you, blue lenses

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