Thursday, 14 May 2015

Geek - The Year of The Geek

This week, my mind has mostly been on my upcoming birthday (Friday).  I've never been fussed by getting older.  There was only one age I didn't like being and that was 22.  Just something about being 22 that was incredibly meh.  So the prospect of being 31 isn't really even something that crosses my mind, it's just a number that shows I am less young than I was a year ago.  Getting a year older does leave me a little contemplative though, as I tend to look backwards at the last year in the life of me.  

I've heard a lot that women come into their own in their 30s.  You become happier with yourself, accept who you are and generally stop being so bothered about the hangups that gripped you in your twenties.  So far, I've found this to be very true.  When I hit 30, something just struck me.  I've been on the planet for a while now and a lot of it has been spent rushing around and generally not doing things I love.  Quite often I'd even hide the things I loved in case people judged me for it.  When I hit 30, I just suddenly went "F**k it".  Not in a bad way, but in a very good way.  I realised that it didn't matter that I am a massive geek and that it really is nothing to hide.  Afterall, what's the worst that could happen?  Someone thinks I'm a loser? Oh no! An opinion that in the grand scheme of things doesn't have any tangible impact on me in the slightest.  

In realising that I'm just like everyone else, it dawned on me that all the geekness I'd been hiding since my teens was really no different to any other interest anyone else has.  For example, I have zero understanding of most sport, but I'll happily listen to people talk about how much they love it without looking down on them.  I love hearing people talk about something they're passionate about.  It's really involving.  This should then, in theory, be the same the other way around.  I figured I'd try it out.  When people asked me about myself, or what I did at the weekend, I started being honest.  I told them I play Warcraft in the evenings, I watch terrible horror movies until 3am, I read comics.  People around me listened.  People asked questions.  People were interested.  I even found others who did exactly the same as me, who I'd been risking never really have speaking to if I hadn't been honest about myself.

I can honestly say that being 30 was the Year of the Geek and I really became happy expressing my quirks.  I'm glad to say that letting it all out, as it were, has been like a weight lifting off my shoulders.  I've probably had the happiest year of being me.  That's probably why I started this blog too.  I mean, when you put something down in print, you really commit to it.  I can't exactly hide myself now I've started!

On Friday, I will be 31.  I've got my fingers crossed for some super geeky presents.  R is normally very good at sourcing the weird and wonderful.  I've got the day off and I plan on reading at least one volume of Red Hood and the Outlaws, or maybe of Batman Eternal.  I may play some Dragon Age Inquisition.  Or I may just lie on the sofa and watch some of the movies that have been sitting on my Sky Box for some time; Edge of Tomorrow or Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Either way, that's a day well spent.  On top of that, there is one thing I am super looking forward to.  Sunday, IMAX 3D, Mad Max.  Hells yes!  I've never seen anything in 3D, much less IMAX.  I'm hoping it is as awesome as the trailer makes out.  I'm hoping that 3D doesn't make me throw slushie all over myself.  Either way, a new kind-of-geeky experience is a good way to start a new year of being me, don't you think?

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