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Lotions, Potions & Geek! - A Holiday of Traditions

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     April is anniversary time for R and I.  Every year we save to go away and revisit our collective youth.  For us, that means Camden Market.  In our university years that was the favourite place to go.  I'd look for bags or jewellery and R would keep me company looking for bags or jewellery.  It's a great place to go.  So many things to see in a maze of bizarre tiny shops and stalls.  Since Camden council started its Pride campaign and put real money into the area, Camden has become even better.  It's taken care of and is full of bright colours, statues and artwork.  We both love it.  


     We have a number of traditions in Camden.  The one we joke about most, is known as Chickhaaan.  You have to say it like Kirk yelling out "Khaaan!".  It's a simple tradition.  Camden Market has an amazing array of street food and one of the absolute best is the chicken noodles.  I don't know what it is about it, it's just chicken and noodles, but oh my god, it's to die for.  So Monday night, we wandered down from our hotel and treated ourselves to a huge serving of Chickhaaan while watching the market shut down for the night.  Any time we're near Camden, Chickhaaan must be had.

Breakfast in Bed

     We save every year for our anniversary holiday to Camden and I'm glad we do as it means we can indulge in room service.  Room service in the form of breakfast.  Tuesday morning was continental breakfast day; made up of an absurd amount of mini pastries and a fruit platter and Wednesday morning was full English; mini hash browns, sausages, bacon, beans, mushrooms, toast and eggs.  It's not cheap, but proper breakfast in bed is so worth it.  If you've never had room service breakfast you just must.  It feels like a real treat.

Movie Night

     A recent addition to the traditions is movie night.  During the rest of the year, we rarely (never) get to go to the cinema as neither of us drive and there's no-one close by who could take care of M.  So instead, on the anniversary holiday, we go to Camden Odeon and we watch something that's on with very little pre-planning.  We pretty much turn up, look at what's on and pick one.  2013 was the Evil Dead; which saw R having to leave the cinema because the film was making him feel sick(!), last year was the Amazing Spider-Man 2; which everyone seemed to hate except us, and this year was Child 44.  I have to say, Tom Hardy was bloody brilliant, but it's certainly a film that requires concentration and/or a degree of knowledge about post WW2 Russia.  We did, however, get so involved in it, we both forgot to eat our pick n mix, so I suppose that says something!

Gilgamesh Restaurant

     Before carrying on, this Google Street View is a must.  Now you've seen it, you may have an idea already why this is my absolute favourite place in the world.  The food is mind blowing and for a place that's frequented Masterchef, it's surprisingly casual and very friendly.  This is the highlight of our mini holiday.  We go there on our last night and this year was fantastic.  Seabass, duck, noodles, cocktails, freshly squeezed orange juice, free champagne and this pudding to finish the night:

     The holiday is now over.  We're back at home.  I'm considering weeding the garden, R is re-sealing the bathroom.  It seems like Camden and our traditions are already a lifetime away, even though it was only yesterday.  But of course, there's always next year.  And already I can't wait!

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