Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lotions & Potions - Spring Cleaning

Farewell Winter

  Anyone who knows me, knows that Winter is my absolute favourite season.  I'm a creature of the cold.  A creature of knitwear, snoods, boots and legwarmers.  So when I leave work and it's not dark any more, I start to get a bit glum.  Another Winter has gone by, it's getting too warm for legwarmers and soon it'll be too warm for knitwear and then boots.  Spring I don't mind.  Nice weather and not too hot, but Spring is inevitably leading into Summer, which I hate.  So what do I do to cheer myself up in Spring, the Herald of the Dreaded Season of Heat?  I try my best to create a wardrobe that's not based around woollen jumper dresses.

Getting Creative with my Spring / Summer Wardrobe

  Normally, I'm very boring with this turn of season.  I either pre-shop in last year's end of season sales or I go and see what's not really selling very well in this year's offering.  This is no fun.  What's also no fun is dragging myself around a shopping centre into the boring high street shops in the hope of finding something quirky.  Not just quirky, mind you, something quirky that actually fits.  High street shops don't tend to manage both and I'm fed up of owning clothes just because they happen to fit me.  I may be in my thirties, but I don't have to start dressing all middle class and boring.  

  As this seems to be my year of trying things out, I thought I'd try a new way to refresh my wardrobe and give it an injection of fun.  I've decided to go to the home of cheap and quirky; the direct factory sellers and the normal people of eBay.  You may be thinking I'm mad, after all, this isn't like buying from an online store.  Returns aren't as easy, descriptions tend to oversell and photos are a bit of roulette as to whether they're truthful or not.  However, you do find things there that you're not going to stumble across in a shopping centre.  I've decided therefore, to take a risk and enter the auction game to perk up my clothes collection.  I'm being sensible.  I'm buying things that list not just sizing, but UK sizing and also measurements.  I've set myself a limit, no more than £15 for any item (excluding postage), no matter how much I love it.  I'm also challenging myself to buy things that normally I may wus out of buying because of the colour or the style.

Making Spring Really Spring

  My goals: to not open my wardrobe and feel glum, to try out different types of clothing and to be fabulous.  It's so boring having a cupboard full of work clothes or stuff to slob about in at weekends.  I want to embrace my love of strangely boho or 1950s retro chic and just go with it.  But go with it on a budget and in a way that means I'm not having to "dress up" every day.  I've found a few fun things so far.  And I'm totally thrilled that I just won this:
eBay seller New_Marmalade_Moon
Linky to their store here
I already have the puffy petticoat to go under it and always looking for an excuse to wear it.

  Does this mean I'm going into work looking like I fell out of a swing dance party?  No.  But it will definitely make me hate opening my wardrobe less.  And I'm definitely looking forward to purging it of all the things I just can't bring myself to wear any more.  It is the right time of year for Spring cleaning, after all and what better way to start then to ditch all the crap.  My wardrobe needs to understand it's not 2010 and I'm not willing to dress like it is any more.

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