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Lotions & Potions - Resolving to do Things Differently - The 3 Month Review

In one of my first posts, I made 3 new year's resolutions.  As it's now pretty much 3 months later, I thought I'd do a work in progress review.  2 months in, I'd have said it was going really well.  Now, I'm not so sure.  That being said, there's a set of extenuating circumstances that are hampering my efforts.

Resolution 1. Stick to a Skincare Routine

This is the one I'm actually doing very well on.  I now have a rigid skincare routine and I've got myself into the habit of being sure to follow it.  They say that you need to repeat something new 28 times before it becomes a natural thing to do or a habit, so I tried that out and taking advantage of my OCD tendencies, I now follow my routine every day.  I'm still finding out what totally works for me, which is fine, and brings me neatly onto the next bit.

Resolution 2. Find Products that Work

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Good Find! Skinfactory - 7 Seconds Morning Sheet Theses babies are just the most indulgent, beautiful things I've ever encountered.  They're little pads you slide your fingers into to use on your face.  One side has little beads to massage your skin, the other is all cushiony to help pat the product in.  Each pad is generously drenched in an all in one potion of gorgeousness.  I use one every Monday to wake my skin up as they're also amazingly cold.  They're designed to go in the fridge for even more of a chill factor, but if they were any colder I'd probably go into shock.  The only downside however, is the price.  They're designed to be used daily, but back when I got them were around £40 a pot.  So I'm making them last.  Thanks to Memebox abandoning me, I have found that I get them far cheaper than that now.  But at around £20 including shipping, they're still not cheap.

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Good Find! Etude House - AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder  This stuff is just amazing.  You dip a cotton bud into a magical mixture of powder and liquid and dot it on a blemish.  By morning the thing has practically gone, or is at least flat enough that makeup covers it completely.  There are two downsides to this wonder stuff.  First is if you happen to have any broken skin, this stuff hurts to hell.  But it's the kind of hurt that says its working at least.  Other downside is, if you have awful skin like me, you go to bed with a face covered in bright pink dots.  Totally sexy look for R to enjoy, I'm sure!

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Bad Find! AHC - Miracle Multi Cream I was so excited to try this.  It came out of a Memebox and was the pricey product of the group, retailing for over $80 (in America, cheaper straight from Korea).  It was in a glass pot and smelled delicious.  However, that's where my excitement turned to utter disappointment.  I put this on my skin and it instantly felt like I had covered myself in lard.  I have never encountered something so greasy.  I spent nearly five minutes trying to get it to absorb.  By then, I was so fascinated by its inability to become one with my skin, rather than wiping it off, which would have been smart, I left it on.  I wanted to see if it would absorb overnight.  Maybe it was a heavy duty night cream?  In the morning, I went to the bathroom and nothing had absorbed at all.  I was actually shiny as if I was butter coated.  I couldn't bare the stuff at all and it went straight in the bin.  What a shame.  That being said, if you have super dry skin, this may be one worth trying as natural oils is certainly something this cream has in abundance.

Resolution 3. Stop Touching my Face

Yep, failing utterly on that one.  Whoops.

So, my resolutions continue, trying to fix the mess that is my skin.  I mentioned earlier that extenuating circumstances were complicating things.  The complication is my skin's natural ability to go absolutely crazy the moment I lose any sleep or become stressed.  I certainly think if my work life was less complicated and I wasn't potty training a stubborn toddler at the same time I would have seen greater improvements.

To end on a positive note though, one thing I have seen is how much better make up is staying on my face.  My painful dry skin has gone away as has my weirdly uneven skin tone.  I guess at least some part of all this is working!

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