Monday, 2 March 2015

Lotions, Potions & Geek - Frugal February - It's Over!

  Oh my gosh, Frugal February has been hard!  I knew I was in for a challenge, especially given my Witching Hour habits, but it really has been very difficult only spending money on the necessities.

What Did I Give Up?

  As a reminder, here were the rules for Frugal February.  There were 2 main areas of things to give up, the things I consider treats; all things cosmetics, including nail varnish, and comic books.  Very quickly, I also realised I was giving up buying songs on iTunes, or apps for my phone, clothes or shoes and any spur of the moment shinies.  These were awkward and at times annoyances; I now have a list of new songs I've heard that I want for my playlist that I've had to make so I remember what I'd heard on Spotify or Scuzz for example.

 The hardest part of it, was the arrival of the things I'd bought near the end of January, as the rules stated I couldn't open these until March.  These were, of course, from the 2 main areas.  There was what turned out to be quite a haul of cosmetics and my comic book subscriptions.  I had 7 parcels of Korean loveliness arrive including my last Memeboxes, my test runs from Lunatu, KoreaDepart and TesterKorea and some cosmetic choices from eBay.  One by one they arrived, slowly turning into a pile of taunting evil in my kitchen.

The comics were slightly different.  They were on subscription, so these were approached differently.  I didn't cut off my subscriptions, instead I made a point of not downloading and reading them.  So similarly to the k-beauty gorgeousness, they sat behind my comic reader app, just waiting to be downloaded when March arrived.

How Did I Do?

  I have to say, I'm rather proud of myself!  Here are my top 3 things to be proud of from Frugal February:

  1. I didn't open any of my parcels
  2. I didn't read any of my comic books
  3. I didn't buy any nail varnish

That being said, I did make a couple of boo boos:

  1. I had to buy some shoes
  2. I invested in a Kickstarter
That's not in the spirit of Frugal February, I hear you say!  But, the shoes were because my normal work shoes died a death and were no longer water proof.  So those were a necessity.  I made a point of buying shoes for need, not for beauty and also to spend as little as possible.  I had 3 pairs of boots die on me in February, go figure, and I replaced them with 1 pair of boots and 2 pairs of shoes for under £50.  One of the pair of shoes was 99p!  I'd say that was pretty frugal.  The Kickstarter was this one; Exploding Kittens.  It was a genuine breach of the rules, despite being approved of by R.  So I stuck to the punishment and donated to R's hobby fund.

Onwards to March!

  Overall, I'm really pleased with how I did.  I stuck to my rules, I spent money only when I had to and come the 1st of March I had an absolute haul to investigate.  I haven't started on my comics yet, but I have downloaded them, which felt super rewarding, even after opening my post, which felt like Christmas 2.  So, that's Frugal February over with and I can march on (get it?) into this month with tons to keep me busy and lots of new things to investigate.  I won't lie though, a month without shopping was horrible.  Thank God I won't be doing it again for another year!

  Before I go, I took the liberty of photographing what was in those 7 boxes.  You may squee, you may be horrified at the sheer amount of stuff.  But, as a final, Frugal February point, all of this was came to less that £100 for over 30 items.  Don't judge me!

Brands from left to right: AHC, Tony Moly, History of Whoo, Amini, Shara Shara x2, Lassie'el, Inoface, Vivito x2, Dorco, Baviphat, The Skin House, Xaivita, Label Young, Xaivita (again), Mizon, DETclear, Baviphat x3, Holika Holika, It's Skin, Majolica Majorca x2, Etude House, A'Pieu, Pure Smile, Baviphat x3 & Happy Bath.  Gold star if you read til the end of this caption.

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