Monday, 16 March 2015

Lotions & Potions - The Dress

Today, this dress arrived in the post.  It's the colour block kimono dress from Fearne Cotton's clothing collection.  I got this from eBay as part of my Spring cleaning project for a bargain and I am utterly in love with it.  There is only one small problem... Well, it's not really a small problem, it's quite a large problem.  That problem, is my bum.  The dress fits beautifully on the top, but absolutely not on the bottom! I would like to point out I did not buy it in the size Fearne herself is wearing, so that is not part of the issue

I refuse to let this dress sit in my wardrobe and go unworn, it is just too stunning, so I suppose I'm just going to have to do something to get my bottom to fit into it.  And not just fit into it, but feel comfortable enough to sit down without bursting the seams.

But... But... Crisps...

Crisps are just the best.  The utter best.  They are probably my main downfall in life.  I may walk 750 miles to work and back a year, but if there are crisps I pretty much need to eat them.  Impulse control problem for sure!  But, if they're not in my house, they're not available to eat, so it is time to test just how much I can use my willpower to resist Quavers, Monster Munch and Skips gravitating towards my basket in my weekly shop.

Is it Possible to Shrink My Bottom?

Anything is possible, and they say if you put a target out there publicly, you're more likely to do it because people know about it and have expectations.   Or, even if they don't have expectations, you think they do and that works just as well. Therefore I am putting it out there.  I am going to fit my bottom into this dress.  I'm not looking to fit into a size 8 version, or a size 12 version.  I'm being realistic.  I'm going to fit into the one I bought.  

I wonder if it's doable in a month? It would be great to wear it to Gilgamesh for my anniversary...

now excuse me while and go and enjoy the last packet of Quavers in my house!

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