Thursday, 12 March 2015

Geek - Spending my Free Time Wisely

A Structured Life

  It has occurred to me that I follow a routine.  When I consider my week, I notice that my free time is very regimented. On week days from roughly 8pm to 11pm is my own time.  On weekends I go crazy and can push that to midnight, sometimes even 1am. I know, I'm a dirty stop out. I've never been one for just doing nothing.  I'm too twitchy.  Even if I'm watching a movie on tv, I have to be doing something else at the same time.  So, when I have free time, I like to feel it's productive in some way.  Having very few friends within easy reach this usually means one of these:
  • Playing World of Warcraft
  • Playing the Secret World
  • Reading comic books
  • Writing short stories
  • Playing a single player game
  • Playing a co-op game with my husband; R, and best friend; J
  • Playing mobile games on my iPad
Writing this, I realise I've defaulted to the natural preference order these tend to take.  Not necessarily my personal preference, but based on the "need" to complete daily or weekly quests, what mood I'm in, how creative I'm feeling, oh and of course, what other people want to do.  It's a hard balance to strike.  As a result, I've formed a weird weekly rotation that looks mostly like this:

Monday 8pm-11pm

Log onto Warcraft to get the dailies done.  Depending on how motivated I am, I may do some quests or Raid some old content.  Mostly I end up mooching on the Internet waiting for the Walking Dead to start.

Tuesday 8pm-11pm

OH GOD, IT'S MOUNT RUN DAY! WHY?! WHY?! What is mount run day you ask? Why did that have to be in caps lock? Because... for six... years... every week... I've killed various bosses in Warcraft to get them to drop their rare mounts.  First it was Zul'Gurub for the tiger.  Zul'Gurub closed before the thing dropped.  I was not amused.  Alongside that was Karazhan for it's demon horse.  That took 4 years. That's right 4 years of taking every character to the raid and killing that boss on a weekly basis.  I got Onyxia's mount fairly quickly.  The same with Anzu. That just leaves Kael'Thas and his bloody Ashes of Al'ar drop.  6 years.  It's no longer even about the mount.  Now, it's just the principle.  He will give me that mount even if it kills me! *Ahem*

Wednesday & Thursday 8pm-11pm

Wednesday is subscription comic book day.  I've managed to arrange it so I have a new comic a week to read.  I also selectively ignore the cost of this... Time not spent nerding out over Batman is spent mostly on Warcraft with my guild.

Friday approx 9pm

It's time to tune into R's Twitch channel LoxBotLive for Friday Night Horror.  1-2 hours of R streaming a horror game and pulling some very funny facial expressions. I highly recommend watching the replay of Five Nights at Freddy's.  I could watch the end on loop.

Saturday & Sunday

At night there's catching up on the week's videos from Jacksfilms and PewDiePie.  Yes, I'm part of the Bro Army.  Don't judge(!) After that it's normally something more sociable.  It may be Heroics with my Warcraft guild or playing new content on The Secret World.  The world is my digital oyster.  Sometimes I go crazy and use voice chat. Though voice chat mostly consists of me herding R & J like cats while J laughs at R not understanding his accent.

Time Spent Wisely?

  Some might say this is quite an insociable way of spending my free time.  In the traditional sense it is, I suppose.  But, I don't drive and I have a toddler.  I've always been a natural introvert who likes spending time in my own company and I live in a town that turns the streetlights off at 11.  Contrary to what others may think, I spend tons of time with my friends, it's just over the internet.  It's different, but I love it and I love the people I've met over the years.  I have the same funny stories and in jokes, just mine tend to involve "that time when we tried to do the Ramparts on heroic and got killed by the first two NPC guards" or "that time when I killed Kael'Thas only with my wand after everyone else died and I ran out of mana".

  Is grinding for a mount, doing dailies, killing imaginary dragons and watching someone else play video games a wise way to spend my time?  I think so because I enjoy it and that's where my friends are.  Would I recommend it to others?  I'd recommend trying it and if you like it as much as me, keep going.  If not, that's fine too.  If we all had the same hobbies there'd be nothing to talk about.

Though if you take up my hobby and get one of the mounts I'm after before me, there'll be Hell to pay.  I'm looking at you, R!

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