Thursday, 26 March 2015

Geek - City of Heroes The Rikti War - An Introduction

City of Heroes

This game was what first got me into playing MMOs.  I've always loved superheroes and the prospect of creating my very own one appealed to me instantly.  It was comic book in style and had the most customisable character creator of its time.  

My girl, Triblaze. By me :)

In 2006 I joined and I created the hero Triblaze.  She was my main character and was how I met my guild; the Outlaw Stars.  She went through many incarnations.  Some cringey, some weird, some I actually really liked.  I loved her so much she became my internet handle.  I loved City of Heroes as much as her.  It was her home, it was my home, and even though I moved on and eventually the game itself closed, City of Heroes and Triblaze have both stayed with me.

Fan Fiction

I've written some myself for this blog already.  That was scary.  And I really appreciate the positive comments I got.  But hiding away on my hard drive, there are two, much large pieces of fan fiction I have been working on over the years.  One is "complete", pans about 50,000 words and is set in the World of Warcraft universe.  I say complete because at the moment, I don't feel the need to take that story any further.  The other is sitting at around 15,000 words and is a work in progress.  That one is set in Paragon City; home to the City of Heroes universe.  I'm proud of both of them and I think the time is right to start sharing them.  I may get criticised, but writing, like music and artwork, is subjective and you can't please everyone.

City of Heroes - The Rikti War

While it may seem logical to start off with the completed World of Warcraft piece, I'm actually going to start with my story set in City of Heroes.  I have a lot of love for for that game and Triblaze is my original character, so it seems right to start with her.  The story I've started to write, for those familiar with the game, is set approximately seven years after Issue 10: Invasion and assumes further issues didn't occur.  This isn't because I'm hipster and hated the game going free to play.  It's simply that that was when my guild moved on to World of Warcraft.  For those unfamiliar with what "Issue 10" means, I'm effectively ignoring some of the game's content from later on in its life and breaking off into my own version.  Think of it like the reboot of the Star Trek movies.  

Before I start hosting the story here, I wanted to give some background to certain characters, places and events that are either unique to my story or are used in ways unique to it.  With that in mind I've set up this page.  Pop over to it and have a look.  I'll be keeping it updated.  Think of it as part glossary, part "previously on City of Heroes - The Rikti War".  There's also a link to it living at the top right of the blog.

Over the next week I am going to revisit the early parts of the story and try to include some of the lore from the City of Heroes page to give it a mini introduction rather than simply throwing you straight in.  Then, next Thursday, I'll post the first part.

As always, let me know what you think.  If you have any questions, go right ahead and ask.  I've been familiar with this range of characters and events for a decade and I'm aware other people haven't.  This is a big step for me, so of course, I'd appreciate your support too.

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