Monday, 9 February 2015

Lotions & Potions - Frugal February - I Am Cursed! (and Thankful)

  My name is Sarah and I was addicted to the k-beauty site  It has so many shiny shiny things packaged into themed boxes.  As it was subscription free, unlike most beauty boxes, I got the surprise without being tied into buying any more.  And of course, I could just buy the boxes I liked the theme of.  But more than that, if I liked something in the box, I could go to the shop and buy the individual parts.  Super clever.  Pretty darn cheap considering what I would get.  Super addictive. So why am I using "was" instead of "am"?

Artsy snap of the Cleopatra box

The Curse

  I began Frugal February knowing this site would be my ultimate weakness.  If a box that I wanted popped up during February, it would be so hard to resist buying it.  I thought this would be, for sure, where I'd fail and have to cough up hobby money to R.  Frugal February started and I was casually browsing Instagram and noticed Memebox wasn't know as Memebox Global anymore, just Memebox USA.  I read their post and my stomach sank.  My favourite spending website was halting shipment to anyway outside of the USA.

  I have to say, I didn't understand it.  Everything shipped from Korea.  It's not harder to ship from Korea to the UK than it is to America.  Address, pay, get it on the right plane.  Every other K beauty retailer I've come across does it.  So it must be about costs.  The boxes come with shipping included, so maybe it's too expensive to ship anywhere else now?  I'm ok with paying extra for my favourite pink boxes to arrive, if that's what it takes.

  However, after some nosing about, it seems like they've moved to a permanent place in California and it sounds like they're shipping their stock from Korea to California and then out of California from there.  So I guess it's probably costs of shipping while they're getting used to their new home causing a problem.  Apparently, Memebox aim to recommence their international-ness at some point, but that sounded more like a flippant comment to appease the masses rather than an actual agreed business plan.  The masses were rather angry to say the least.

More sensible snap of the Rapunzel box
  But no matter the reason, having this happen right at the beginning has felt like a total and utter jinx!

The Thankful Bit

  This leaves me in two minds.  Part of me is genuinely really annoyed that out of the blue they've decided to cut a lot of customers off, especially as outside of Instagram they haven't really communicated it, apart from an ambiguous email advertising the Goodbye Box Sale, which could mean anything.  The other part of me says this is a good thing.  I now have to throw myself back into the market and explore other options, something that I wasn't doing so much after finding Memeboxes.  If Memebox comes back then great, I'll no doubt start shopping with them again.  If they don't, then my money will go elsewhere.  The market for Far Eastern beauty products is growing quickly in the West and I'm more than happy to support that.  And actually, my money going to a Korean company rather than a US based one would probably help more.

The Membox x Cutiepiemarzia Collaboration box (3)

  So, I am thankful at the end of this, despite two boxes sitting there in my kitchen waiting to be opened in March like little stabby reminders that they're the last ones.  Hello to  Hello to  Hello to all the independent eBay vendors.  I'm back in your market.  

Well, at the end of Frugal February anyway!

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  1. Damn you memebox! You were my last best hope for free hobby stuffs!