Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Lotions & Potions - Frugal February - Double Up, What to Do?

You may have gathered by now, but I -love- all things K-beauty.  I love the quirky packaging.  I love the the indulgence of them.  I love the natural ingredients, even if that includes snail secretion!  I love that I'm always finding something new to investigate.

The Downside

After buying a fair amount of surprise boxes, I have some amazing things to try out, but I also have a box full of doubles.  A lot of the doubles are products I really like, but while I'm trying all my new things, the doubles are sitting there being a little unloved.  This leaves me with a dilemma.  What should I do with them?  Should I try my hand at eBay, where up to now, I've been a buyer and in no way a seller? Should I give them as presents to my more cosmetically inclined friends? I honestly don't know.  I do know, it feels weirdly un-frugal to be sitting on my own little pile of k-beauty treasure.

The Upside

Having duplicates means I have the chance to try another new thing. It means I could choose to share my K-beauty love with other people via gifts, or re-sale.   For example, at Christmas, I gave my mum some face masks to try.  I eased her in gently, giving her the aloe vera or collagen ones rather than those with labelled snake venom! So, what is this new thing I try?  e-Baying? Surprise gifting maybe.  Or, do I dare try my hand at some kind of competition?  I think that would be rather egotistical at this point!

Getting to the Point

I'm hoping someone will have a clever and/or great idea for what I can do with my doubles.  To give you some food for thought, here is a picture of some of the K-beauty doubles, but there are more.

The doubles!
In case knowing what the doubles are is helpful to anyone:
  • 1 x Benton's Snail Bee High Content Steam Cream (a moisturiser)
  • 2 x Benton's Snail Bee High Content Essence
  • 1 x Dearberry Ice Cream Hand Cream in Green Tea
  • 1 x Tony Moly Appletox Honey Cream (a glorious moisturiser disgused as a red apple)
  • 1 x Tony Moly Appletox Peeling Massage Cream (a deep cleanser, review here)

So, if you have a clever idea, post a comment or tweet me.  It'd be much appreciated!

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