Thursday, 15 January 2015

Lotions & Potions - The Witching Hour

What is it about the witching hour? I'm waiting for a face mask to do its job, or a peeling cream to work its magic. It's going on midnight. I should be in bed. And there it is, the call to buy nail polish or just one tube of something new from a Korean brand I've never tried before. Nothing more than £15 including postage, that's ok? A daytime me would say no, but the witching hour me seems to have unlimited funds for these things. Or thinks she does anyway. It's as if my tired brain needs to shop.

Some examples of witching hour purchases:

Open Fields by plus four other colours (so beautiful, but oops!)

Killing Me Zombie CC Cream by Welcos 

This entire site if I was given the chance.  I'm so lucky most of what I want lives in the USA only part

Do I regret witching hour purchases?  Not yet.  Everything I've bought has been lovely.  This is a very dangerous thing.  Do I feel sorry for R, who up until last weekend has had to contend with a bathroom that has a pile of bright pink boxes filled with Korean skincare products?  Maybe a little. After a clean up, it's left me with is this (excluding the perfume): 

What you can't see in this picture is how far back this goes.  For everything you can see at the front, there is three to four products behind.  There is a cosmetic bag on the right filled with powders and lip products.  There's also a bright pink box left over of duplicates. There's also a section of the cabinet with my currently in use products.  And there's another section that contains face masks and wipes. Poor R has one solitary shelf about half as wide as the picture and that's it.  Oh and of course, there's the other cabinet... Hmm, maybe I do own too much.

My aim is to get through all of these, as part of my hunt for my ideal skincare products, and to try my very best not to buy any more.  Though this is where the witching hour becomes my worst enemy.  Witching hour me knows there is not much space left.  But that thing is so pretty, so shiny... Just one more won't matter... will it...?  Let's see if daytime me agrees!

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