Thursday, 29 January 2015

Lotions, Potions & Geek! - Frugal and Fankful February

Ok, don't judge me. I couldn't find a synonym for thankful beginning with an F.  If anyone knows one, I will update the title as even seeing "fankful" is making me feel my Kentish roots!

February is my frugal month, see this post for why.  To make Frugal February more bearable, I am going to make all of my posts about things I'm thankful for that I already have.  I'm not going to make it all mushy. Yes, I'm of course thankful for my family, friends, health (ha!), etc. but that should be obvious.  So instead, I'm going to blog about the little things, personal to me, that bring smiles into my everyday life. Or maybe moans.  I like moaning too. Some of them might be guilty pleasures, ongoing obsessions, I don't know yet.  It'll be wherever Frugal February lets my mind wander.

I foresee geeking out being a consequence of this.  I can get stuck on a topic and think about little else. But hey, it'll be insightful.  At least, I think it'll be insightful.  It may read as incredibly nerd-tastic.  But then, that's kind of the point of a blog.  If I was being vague and talking around things, I don't think anyone would enjoy it, especially me.  And ultimately, if I'm not enjoying writing it, then there's no point at all!

It's not February yet, but an early thing to be thankful about is R very slowly getting me into this whole blogging thing.  He's been blogging for 3 years now.  His blog is very nerdtastic.  Also brown.  R loves brown.  He'll deny it, but I have a sneaking suspicion if the colour brown was a hobby, his hobby would be everything about the colour brown.  Anywho, he's talked a lot about blogging being a good outlet.  If he needs to rant, he can rant there without risking making everyone around him grumpy.  If he needs to get something really nerdy out of his system, he can do it there.  And after posting for the last month, I've come to see just how true that is.  So, I'm thankful for R being an inspiration without meaning to be.  I'm thankful he's willing to read my blog; even the K-beauty posts, which I'm fairly sure, given cosmetics are rarely in brown, he's not interested in.  That also applies to J too.  Poor J is subject to 90% of my geeky thoughts, but that's his own fault for giving me his contact details nearly 10 years ago.  I'm also thankful I feel like I'm getting time to write something again.  It may not be fiction, but it's the outlet I've needed.  Finally, I'm thankful to anyone who's taken to reading a post, mentioned it to someone else, or has offered support.  Putting yourself out there is a bit intimidating, even if it's only to a small audience, as it's the internet and you never know who may stumble across your thoughts.

So here's to Frugal and Fankful February, it's going to be an interesting 28 days! Now, what can I cram into the last two days of January...!


  1. I'm glad ive had at least -some- positive influence on you :)
    I think everyone should blog about their loves and lives. Far too many blogs are about not only a single theme, but about a single topic in that theme (for example "here's a blog about tactics used for playing StarCraft". Not only is it only about StarCraft, but it's only about Tactics in StarCraft. Not only are these blogs updated about once a month (if that) but they become so samey.

    Personally the blog's I read, same as the YouTube that we watch, are all about the person behind the creating and a lot less about the content itself, and a broader series of topics (that the person is passionate about) allows this to be seen. Plus it means you get more regular content out.

    - PS: Brown is a good colour. My leather coat is brown. I think it looks MORE formal than black leather while also looking MORE fun too. Imagine if it was Yellow or Green, a lot harder to find clothes to match.
    -Brown is the new black - it goes with anything and everything!

  2. And btw:
    I don't think there is a word for Thankful that begins with F