Thursday, 1 January 2015

I'm Calling it a New Year's Resolution...

...But it's not really.  I've been meaning to get into the blogosphere for a while.  This is partly because I've seen others do it and how much they enjoy it. Mainly, it's because I post pictures on Instagram with far too many words underneath.  It's really a coincidence this starts on the 1st of January.

So, what's the point of all this? I shall do my introductions in the form of a basic Q&A.  For the purposes of this, feel free to picture the interviewer as anyone you like, thought preferably no one from Fox News. 

Interviewer: Tell us a bit about yourself
Me: Well, I'm thirty. I'm a married mum of a three year old little girl who we affectionately call Moo, but I'll code name her here as "M". I work at a blue chip company where I spend half of my time using PowerPoint and the other half using the PowerPoint work to train other people. I have two cats. We call them "The Boys".

Interviewer: Tell us some things you wouldn't say at a company networking event
Me: How about my addiction to K-beauty products, comic books and video games?

Interviewer: That sounds more interesting and fits the name of your blog a bit better
Me: Thanks. Well, I was playing my dad's Amiga when I was very little. I had a Donkey Kong edition game boy. It was bright yellow and I was still using it while doing my A-levels.  By then the plastic covering of the screen was held on with sticky tape. At university I foolishly started to work at GAME. I say foolishly because it gave me a 25% discount and first dibs on the pre-owned games that came in. By the end of university, I'd captured every Pok√©mon and discovered MMOs. I spent a few years in City of Heroes and then moved with my guild over to World of Warcraft where we've been now for eight years. Oh, I also play The Secret World, but that's a little different as everything there I do in-character.  But that's another topic all together.

Interviewer: You actually started by saying something about K-beauty.  Did you forget?
Me: No, it's a completely separate thing I nerd  over, so wanted to make you ask me about it.

Interviewer: You're a bit of a smart arse, aren't you?
Me: Maybe... Anywho, K-beauty. That's short for Korean Beauty.  It hit the UK with BB creams and then with the brand Shiseido turning up in the market. If you haven't seen Shiseido, take a look at their website here It gives a general gist of what I mean.

Interviewer: It's kind of weird to throw an Internet link in the middle of a conversation.
Me: I know! But anyway, I could never afford Shiseido, but I've always loved anything that comes from Korea or Japan, so I guess I was waiting for something more affordable and probably a bit less Westernised to turn up. Then I saw a K-beauty haul video by Cutiepiemarzia.  This one.  From there I was totally hooked and most of what I do on Instagram is now related to it.

Interviewer: And the comics part?
Me: I fell out of love with comics for a long time actually.  It was after reading the Batman arc; Death in the Family.  I genuinely believed the Joker was going to come and get me and beat me to death with a crowbar. But then I was younger than ten.  That changed when I got an iPad in my mid twenties and discovered digital comics.  I'm now subscribed to Batman, Wytches, Gotham Academy, Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad. I'm also playing catch up on Injustice and Nightwing.

Interviewer: So why the blog then?
Me: What better way to talk in depth about something you love, right? And I can get super nerdy about any of them and could potentially talk for hours. I'm 99% sure my hubbie isn't interested in the latest Tony Moly product I've found, for example.

Interviewer: How are you going to manage that in this blog then?
Me: I'm glad you asked. I'm going to have two types of posts so people can avoid the posts they really don't care about.  There'll be beauty type posts called "Lotions & Potions" posts and then video games, comics etc. will fall under the "Geek" posts.

Interviewer: Well, that was ten minutes I'll never get back
Me: I know, right? :D

So that's it really.  I'll be back with either a "Lotions & Potions" post or a "Geek" post.  If you're reading, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and of course, have a Happy New Year.

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